Level I

Full: Complete Reserve Study With-Site Visit

Level I

Full, On-Site Inspection:  A Reserve Study in which the following five Reserve Study tasks are performed

  • Component Inventory (verification & quantification)
  • Condition Assessment (based upon on-site visual observations)
  • Life & Valuation Estimates
  • Fund Status
  • Funding Plan

What sets the Level I apart from the rest is the component inventory quantification. We perform a complete on-site inspection, where we obtain or verify measurements and counts of all common area components in the association. We include condition evaluations and estimated costs for components, and analyze your reserve funding. We then compile the information in our full color, comprehensive reports. Photo inventory is available.

Do I need a Level I or Level II Reserve Study?
Does your existing reserve study have quantities of the common area components? If yes, a Level II will likely be the most appropriate choice. If quantities are not available or your common area has changed, then a Level I will take a fresh look at all components as well as count and measure. Level I and Level II Reserve Studies satisfy the California Civil Code with respect to the on-site inspection requirement every three years (§5550).