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SCT Reserve Consultants, Inc. has been preparing reserve studies for over 20 years.  We have worked with hundreds of common-interest developments throughout Southern California to produce thousands of reserve studies.

We have prepared reserve studies for all types of associations, including: condominiums, planned developments, timeshares, and cooperatives.  Our reserve study reports are unique. It starts in a pdf, where all of the information is enclosed in an unbound report.  The graphs and all pictures are produced in color.  Our e-mail and Internet capabilities allow us to send draft and final reports.

The software we use, Property Reserve Analysis (PRATM), gives us flexibility to modify and customize many aspects of the study.  It accounts for inflation, return on investment, taxes, litigation proceeds, bank loans, deferred expenditures, special assessments, and increases/decreases to reserve contributions. This versatility allows for the most comprehensive reserve study available.

We model our Reserve Study to comply with the California Civil Code and the Community Associations Institute’s National Reserve Study Standards to insure full compliance.  Our reserve study provides a ton of useful information including:

  • Executive Summary (suited for year-end disclosure)
  • Reserve Budget (AICPA Approved)
  • Assessment and Reserve Funding Disclosure Summary
  • Summary
  • Component Identification Report and Chart
  • Cash Flow and Percent Funded Projections and Graph
  • 10-Year Detail Expenditures
  • Definitions
  • California Civil Code §5300 through §5580

The PRA System is a valuable work tool which allows us detailed control of all renovation and maintenance requirements. Our reports can ensure funding for common area components for years to come.

Its essential that all California Common Interest Developments meet their reserve study statutory requirements.  You can be confident that our reserve studies meet all criteria of the California Civil Code §5300 through §5580.

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Mike Graves has received the Community Associations Institute’s Reserve Specialist (RS) designation, the only national credential for community association reserve study providers.  The RS designation is awarded to experienced, qualified professionals who help condominium and homeowner associations plan for the long-term repair and replacement of major components.  Mr. Graves is the 39th person in the country to be awarded this designation.

Click here to see Mr. Graves’ personal credentials.